That Basically Sum Up Your Behavioral Health Experience

Welcome back our next guest say that many people will deal with some sort oaf psychological challenge at some pointing their lives orange park medical center has people who are ready to help you Melissa whole truck is the director of behavioral health and macros Decalogue is a psychiatrist and you mayn’t make it through this interview Know I know at any moment my wife may recalling.

I don’t know where we’re at duet deliver a baby and congratulations Liz is your wife who’s watching right now at home and so we typically Behavioral health have policy around here that is we silence cell phones because we don’t want them going off during the interview but for you we will absolutely make the exception if you get a jingle you may leave you do not have to stay here forth whole fight like four minutes congratulations that’s exciting so let’s talk about we’re here to talk about the behavioral health programs and for viewers do do not know what behavioral-health even really means walk us through that sure so behavioral health essentially.

Encompasses many different types of mood illnesses it could be from situational depression you can lose job you can lose a loved one and because of that situation you may develop some mood like symptoms now say though you have a chemical imbalance say you have low serotonin levels in your brain then if you do face a situation like that you’re more susceptible to dealing integrated Healthcare with mood like symptoms now that is in a spectrum of other disorders it could be depression it could be bipolar disorder it could be schizophrenia post-traumatic stress disorder also it could be addiction related issues addiction torpid pain medicines or contraindications.

And when you have the two together depression or addiction we call that dual diagnosis and so what we do in my office is we try to screen patient sand see okay where are they at what does their diagnosis are they in a crisis do they need help do they need intensive outpatient treatment Melissa is going to chat a little bit about that in a seconder do they need to go into a hospital like orange park medical center and get services on an inpatient unit so pretty much that’s pretty much the spectrum of disorders were looking at yeah Melissa let’s bring you into the conversation and talk about that because at Orange Park Medical you have inpatient and outpatient services so what distinguishes between.

Clarifications On Health And Fitness

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