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The bottom is a lingual sothis is going to be a buccal lingual contact point so when we talk about individual teeth every tooth is going to have a mesial incisal gingival contactpoint a distal incisal gingival contactpoint a mesial buccal lingual or facial legal contact point and a distal buccal-lingual contact point now because anterior teeth are much thinner buccal-lingual or facial lingually buccal-lingual contact points that will be much more prominent in posterior teeth some rules of contact points so the distal and sisal gingival contact points either the same level or more gingival than the mesial intelligent of a contact point and.

I believe is just for anterior to you so what does that mean so when you look at the distal contact point right for the maxilla central this is slightly more gingival than the mesial contact is slightly-higher and the trend moves it continues you go to the lateral incisor right the distal contact point here is more gingival or closer to the gingiva or than the mesial surface and because that as you move distally you’re going to the day the line is diagonal pointing and getting closer to the gingiva the other way to put it is as you go medically is going to be more in size also right so you start distal and then as you move medially now you’re getting closer to the incisal edge next rule but we’ll skip this for now but.

Next rule is going to be all teeth have a facial lingual or buccal lingual-chocolate posterior teeth contacts point in the middle third of crown but posterior emergency dentist charlotte NC teeth have contactpoint leaning toward the facial so sothis facial buccal same thing what that means is now when we look at this buccal-lingual we write the buccal lingual axis if you divide the teeth into thirds where the contact points are always in the middle third and that’s pretty much what it’s saying no matter for all teeth the

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physical activity simple walking about  minutes every day and eating a lot of fruits avoiding salt food bakery items chips cheese avoiding going to the KFC’s and Dominos pizza and having a Dental Marketing healthy diet will control your weight it is very healthy and you shouldst also doing some physical activities which you like a music you meaning walk all.those things will be better if your surrender life is more and one important thing you should recognize the symptoms of stock so it is very important for you people to know how the stroke happens and what are the symptoms so you might be there in office or in the house someone neighbor or someone develops these symptoms the symptoms are very nicely remembered as ASD fast for the face if you see someone having a face deviation to one side that’s far is for harm if somebody trays that my hand is hand grip is weak and .

Those things will be better if your surrender life is more and one important thing you should recognize the symptoms of stock so it is very important for you people to know how the stroke happens and what are the symptoms so you might be there in office or in the house someone neighbor or someone develops these symptoms the symptoms are very nicely remembered as ASD fast for the face if you see someone having a face deviation to one side that’s far is for harm if somebody trays that my hand is hand grip is weak and .

I am not able to leave the hand that is a then his speech if somebody is having is luring a speech they are not able to speak properly the t is for time theme is most crucial when a patient with strokes in a patient with stroke because if the page if you recognize your neighbors friends family any of them have these symptoms you should immediately go to the hospital which has a facility of a CT scan and neurologist neurosurgeon or intervention person so that if you reach before foreign hours there is a drug called ivy recombinant tPA tissue plasminogen activator which can be injected to the patient who has strokes and the stroke the thrombus which the clot which is there in.

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Lunch number two.Now, this is a lunch that my eldest daughter, who’s nine, really likes me to pack for her.She is going through this stage where she loves avocado sandwiches.So, I’ll show you what I do to put a little more protein in it.So, this is a great lunch idea when you have half of an avocado that has been sitting your fridge and it starts to turn brown.Well, it is the perfect size to make one of the Avocadi sandwiches.I’m going to scoop the flesh out.Put it in a bowl.Add a little squeeze of fresh lemon juice.Salt and pepper to taste.And then at this stage, is where the protein comes in.I like to add a teaspoon of Tahiti.

If you’re not familiar lunch container  with Tahini, it’s are eally great sesame paste that I always have on hand because I put it in hummus.So, if you make a lot of hummus, it’s a great thing to pick up, cause then you can use it for the hummus and the sandwiches.And then I’ll take two pieces of whole grain bread.I’ll spread this avocado-Tahini mixture on the bread.And then I’ll add some sliced radishes, which just adds a little freshness.And then two tomatoes.This way, you get a few more vegetables in there.So, with this, you can take your thermos out of the lunchbox.And then you have a nice compartment to put a sandwich.And, you can just fit that snugly in.

The lunchbox.And then for her dessert, she really loves kiwis.So, I cut the kiwi in half, and they fit exactly into that upper compartment.And, this is a thing that, I don’t know, I’m probably the last person to find this out, but my French in-laws do this for my kids, where you cut the kiwis and then you used them as like a little bowl, with a spoon.I thought it was the most genius thing, and when I showed people back here in the States, they looked at me like, yeah, how else do you eat.

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An essential thing in life is happiness. Happiness OBGYN Lincoln ne originates from both physical and mental wellness. In this way, it is said that well-being is the genuine riches. With regards to ladies well-being, keeping up a decent well-being is imperative, as they need to perform such a variety of undertakings in their day by day life. There are many ladies who have been experiencing different sorts of well-being infections because of an absence of legitimate vitamins and minerals in their body.

Vitamins are particularly basic for the body, as they help in the appropriate working of the body organs and in this manner, keep you healthy. Quality vitamins for ladies really help in moderating the maturing procedure, make solid the immune framework, enhance energy levels and bolster the female hormones. In any case, before going to take any vitamins, counseling with a medicinal expert that has better learning about it, would be awesome. As specialists or restorative experts have broad information about the human body and the working of the considerable number of organs, subsequently they can manage towards the correct bearing with regards to ladies medicinal services. A lot of clinical examinations have demonstrated that a lady’s body needs a ton of hostile to maturing regular substances for particular medical advantages.

With a specific end goal to stay healthy condition, a lot of ladies like to take top notch hostile to maturing everyday supplements. It encourages them to satisfy their dietary holes that all ladies are having. In addition, having new foods grown from the ground likewise helps in getting the genuinely necessary vitamins to the body. Aside from it, ladies need supplements, for instance, amino acids, cancer prevention agents and so forth. Supplements are basic for supporting the psychological wellness, while proteins and different substances like resveratrol are fundamental for heart well-being, and lutein and zeaxanthin for eye well-being.

Despite the fact that supplements are similarly critical for the two men and ladies, however certain supplements are there that are required particularly required for ladies well-being as they are vital for adjusting the female hormones. It is said that ladies in their 30s or more 30 years old required additional tend to keep up a decent well-being. Osteoporosis is an exceptionally noteworthy condition in ladies that more often than not starts at the age of 30. Consequently, consistent dietary calcium and magnesium supplements alongside other necessary supplements are prescribed to the ladies of over 40 years old.

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Like most other nutrients is from your diet so one simple thing to remember as far as getting vitamin C from foods that you eat is that the more colorful you die typically and the fresher the vegetables and fruits the higher it will be in vitamin C and the associated bioflavonoids and carotenoids I ‘ve listed a table below this video that actually describes the foods in some of the RIC that are represented and that have the higher sources of vitamin C now remember to choose fresh organic foods as these when I will only be higher in vitamin C but most of the other nutrients if you aren’t able to get enough vitamin C from your food then there are two primary choices you have for supplementation one is oral.

The other is intravenous oil, of course, is far easier and less expensive than IVwhich require which typically requires a healthcare professional and frequently many hours to administer because it has to go in very slowly otherwise you burnout the veins also intravenous vitamin Cis easily to times more expensive than oral vitamin C so although oral-vitamin C, on one hand, is easier to take and less expensive it does have some drawbacks the main one is that you can only take so much before you will get really loose stools it’s actually called the vitamin C threshold or tolerance level and the dose that causes this is highly variable because some people will get it with a few grams or maybe even less while others may not get that until the reach even more than grams of vitamin C.

Fortunately we now have liposomal glutathione century technology that can eliminate this loose stool effect and radically increase the absorption and penetration of vitamin C into your cells this-technology this st century technology is actually called liposomal technology and it’s actually the same process that allows the omega- fats in krill to be absorbed so much more efficiently and effectively than the mega three fats fish oil because those fats are two phospholipids that radically increase the absorption relative to fish oil and liposomes similarly are used in nature to help deliver life-sustaining attrition and they”re really prevalent in breast milk so what exactly are liposomes well briefly there are microscopic fat particles and they’remade from phospholipids and these tiny particles are integrated with the nutrient and this phospholipid.

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It’s something that we call contrast therapy with the body itself is going through a hot and cool sensation simultaneously the oils that we use are invigorating and they help to soothe and tone the muscles but the warmth of the stone adds further benefit for the skin so he will feel totally relaxed when he’s finished with this treatment hi Courtney how you oh my gosh.

Amy a row alright Carolina Dental great the anthropology treatment that Courtneyis receiving today is very very unique it helps the circulation and it also helps cellulite which is a problem for about ninety percent of women it works with a suction and a massage it is unusual that you might find a machine of the stature unless you were to go to a destination spot it’s a wonderful way to both relax and deferment on your skin at the same time Mike is receiving a microdermabrasion treatment today while the treatment is exfoliating it’s also very very relaxing now men exfoliate every single day when they have but what they don’t get.

The benefit of exfoliation around their forehead and also around the eye area so today we’re treating that area were also going to add nutrients to his skin and give them a really nice toning mass that will help to firm and tone the skin as well alright so we’re all set so how’d you enjoy your treatment I loved you it was great alright great we just have added on our green nail bar the green nail bar is a way to get a manicure and a pedicure without having the fear of using formaldehyde and other substances that are not necessarily so good for the skin or for your nails like.

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Hair can you’re going to feed a quick needle poke we’re going to do a nerve block this is the worst part of the entire procedure okay it’s going be very short and it’s going to be very quick but it’s gonna stink for a few seconds afterwards you shouldn’t-feel anything we just finished the nerve block with Ken how was that Ken is pretty good yeah it’s a very it’s few seconds but it stinks yes what’s the pain scale out of being the most painful just like a pokey like a poking feeling yes okay so we doing their lock on the right and the left and the back of the head and now what we’re going to ask is if you could actually lie down on your stomach and we’re going to start the harvesting face any paint can no not feeling anything perfectly your grafts are beautiful lots of multiple you’re barely bleeding which is great your graphs are coming that beautiful it’s a nice triple right there that’s a four four hairs in the single graft this is the nice triple as well one graph of.

Three hairs triple the density Hair Restoration Cost there’s another triple they’re all gorgeous graphs you have come great quality congratulations Ken we’re done with the harvesting phase thank you so as they were still counting in the back your graphs and the percentages I went ahead started working on the design okay we have the final numbers yet for singles we have percent graphs doubles were at for % and triples we have with %and what there’s a total number is thirty seven thirty okay so we have extra graphs where we were aiming for up to but we ended up with extra so you’re going to have a little bit more coverage going to their okay so three thousand seven hundred and thirty thirty years twenty twenty-three seven three three seven three three seven three zero and your percentages.

Hair are over seventy percent seventy-three percent doubles and triples which will give you the awesome density or perfect okay so let’s take some final measurements and work on the airline and then we’ll show you what it looks like from chin to eyebrows seven perfect so this way your face is actually equal one-thirds okay okay and we’re going to seven centimeters all the way to this midsection of the sky and now what we want to do is we want to place and softeners in the very front and I please have a fresh.

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There or medical assisting surgical assisting all sorts of just great people cool well thank you for coming back get my lair elected congratulations you have a tummy tuck is also termed in abdominoplasty it’s an abdominoplasty is the medical or surgical term tummy tuck is an operation that is often used for women you know what I ‘d love to have something done around my eyes everything but downtime you know I don’t know how much time I take off workI’ll look for procedures like what Meili is considering and they talk about the downtime sure there’s a variety depending on exactly what you choose but for most people there’s typically about a week where there’s swelling bruising that’s visible to other people and stitches that might be visible to other people and usually after that first week when the stitches are removed a lot of that swelling using resolves fairly quickly there course there are other procedures like botox and facials where you can go right-back to work.

The same day but surgical procedures it usually it’s wise to take about a week off of things unless you don’t care if the Denver plastic Surgery people around you know what you did right you certainly are able to go back to work probably within a day in terms of being able to see and do things and feels alright so what are you expected to have your surgery Neely August fourth okay and what’s the process like getting ready for prepared um you know I’m a little nervous but I think there’s so much excitement that I’m just kind of I wish it was tomorrow yeah excited because you’ve seen his work yes yeah very ax I’m getting married next year so this is something I wanted to do you know for we could do the pictures and everything.

I would feel just amazing you are gonna look hot going a fantastic every time you come on the show dr.youalways have a great offer for our viewers what do you got today today we have several things the first five people who call today to make an appointment for a consultation will receive a free box of Latisse which is a two-month supply that will help grow your eyelashes and then for anyone who comes in to talk to us and ends up scheduling an operation will offer them ten percent off the fee for the surgery great deals great offer you know one thing we should also mention because you’re very proud and you should be you have an excellent staff.

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Elena then I inject the numbing medication this is what gives the anesthesia forth operation and right now I’m checking it underneath the muscle because we’re placing her implants under the muscle this is usually the worst part you can see she’s tolerating it very well how you doing there Elena I though tit was gonna I thought I was going to feel a lot more than I did I would think it’d be comfortable okay so now we just have to wait a few minutes for the anesthesia to work a little bit ten minutes and then.

we’ll get started after that that’s the Denver breast augmentation worst part then I create the area you just feel a little bit of pulling and tugging yeah right now I’m creating the pocket underneath the muscle and doing something called a dual plane where I’m releasing the muscle just a little bit so the implant is going to fit in a little bit better and basically I’m doing all the man oeuvres Usually do under general anesthesia-right now and you can see she’s joking and having a conversation Elena is one of my typical patients who tolerated the procedure very well and we talked about things throughout the procedure and in the middle of the procedure this is what she had to say Feel very good I’m I feel them working on me but I’m very comfortable I feel like.

I could just get up sit up right now at this point we’re more than halfway through the procedure and toucan see how well she’s tolerating Breast Augmentation Cost it we’re talking about family hobbies sports basketball and softball all rightmost you can tell she can’t stop talking to my nurse I’m not sure you can hear more not that’s alright but that’s good that’s good that means you’re not feeling anything now I’m closing incisiveness’s tolerated the procedure very well I’ve done nothing different than Wouldn’t have done under anesthesiologist and were about to take hereto the recovery room in.

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Welcome back our next guest say that many people will deal with some sort oaf psychological challenge at some pointing their lives orange park medical center has people who are ready to help you Melissa whole truck is the director of behavioral health and macros Decalogue is a psychiatrist and you mayn’t make it through this interview Know I know at any moment my wife may recalling.

I don’t know where we’re at duet deliver a baby and congratulations Liz is your wife who’s watching right now at home and so we typically Behavioral health have policy around here that is we silence cell phones because we don’t want them going off during the interview but for you we will absolutely make the exception if you get a jingle you may leave you do not have to stay here forth whole fight like four minutes congratulations that’s exciting so let’s talk about we’re here to talk about the behavioral health programs and for viewers do do not know what behavioral-health even really means walk us through that sure so behavioral health essentially.

Encompasses many different types of mood illnesses it could be from situational depression you can lose job you can lose a loved one and because of that situation you may develop some mood like symptoms now say though you have a chemical imbalance say you have low serotonin levels in your brain then if you do face a situation like that you’re more susceptible to dealing integrated Healthcare with mood like symptoms now that is in a spectrum of other disorders it could be depression it could be bipolar disorder it could be schizophrenia post-traumatic stress disorder also it could be addiction related issues addiction torpid pain medicines or contraindications.

And when you have the two together depression or addiction we call that dual diagnosis and so what we do in my office is we try to screen patient sand see okay where are they at what does their diagnosis are they in a crisis do they need help do they need intensive outpatient treatment Melissa is going to chat a little bit about that in a seconder do they need to go into a hospital like orange park medical center and get services on an inpatient unit so pretty much that’s pretty much the spectrum of disorders were looking at yeah Melissa let’s bring you into the conversation and talk about that because at Orange Park Medical you have inpatient and outpatient services so what distinguishes between.

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Calling someone’s number at KFC. piece Extra crispy.Oh, wait, that’s mine. I ordered that. In fact,  is so in the dark about the actual details of the health care bill that when he meets with GOP Senators,he’s apparently adopted the tact of just agreeing with everyone,even if they want drastically different things.For example,there are conservatives like Rand Paul who want the bill to go further.

In rolling back Obamacare and moderates like Susan Collins who want it to be more generous.And yet, as Politico reports One source told Politico No, it wasn’t.He’s less like a CEO and more like a mall Santa. A bike? Sure.Train set? No problem.I’m not real? You guessed it. But, it isn’t just the fact that Trump doesn’t know anything that has made this bill so unpopular.

There’s also the fact that it betrays virtually everything he campaigned on.It is quite literally massive tax cut for the wealthy paid for by taking health care away from millions of people.Just to put in real terms how backwards this bill is…Just think about that.Just to give one household a tax cut,you have to kick eight people off Medicaid.That’s just, um, well, what’s the word?-Wrong. This health care bill is cruel and vicious,which shouldn’t be surprising because it is coming from a president who is cruel and vicious,as evidenced by his tweets today attacking.